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    Action Against Drug is a global initiative started By Raymond Mafukidze.Support the fight against drugs by making a donation through Western Union Money Transfer.
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    It is time to take action against drugs.Action against drug dealing and drug abuse.Drugs are destroying people and lives.All you need to do is to sign up on this website and become a member.Your membership is your vote.If you have any meaningful contributions you can go to the Members Comments area and comment by making a reply.People who are addicted to drugs will now be helped through effective ways.Sign up right now! I and share this thread.If you want help from drug abuse problems ckick here


    Drug dealers love to be told,"no you can't sell drugs".The more you challenge them head on the more they find other ways of selling drugs.If a government should crack down on drug dealers like never before,they will just operate through some rotten apple judges,military,police and even hospital officials.They know that they can do anything anywhere as long as the price is right.People are bought by drug dealers.Why are drug lords only caught in South America and Hong Kong mostly? Are there no drug lords in Europe,America,Australian,Canada etc? It is very complex.One of the sure and best ways is to admit that they are a lawless group and then to work on their conscious because after all is said and done everyone has a conscious.Continue here DO DRUG DEALERS HAVE A CONSCIOUS?

  • DO DRUG DEALERS HAVE A CONSCIOUS?DateSat Nov 23, 2019 1:47 pm

    It is a fact that the major drug dealers are the very wealthy people in society.Some of these people have well known legit companies that they are well known for.The purpose of this post and page is not to expose people and companies and names.What good will that do? The main purpose is to ask these people," DO YOU HAVE A CONSCIOUS?" " DO DRUG DEALERS HAVE A CONSCIOUS?" if this questioned is asked long enough a good number of these "big" drug dealers will become conscious of the fact that like most people they too have a conscious after all.Yes,there is big money in selling drugs but the major drug dealers are already rich through drugs or were already rich prior to selling drugs.We now have two major problems;
    1) DRUG ABUSE.This shortens the hopes and lives of many people.Someone told me in April 2019 that his friend Marcel was heavily into drug abuse.Marcel died just two weeks later.Why did that person in America choose to tell me this story like i could help him or his friend? There are more questions than anwers.It is time to take action against drug abuse.
    2) DRUG INFLOWS INTO SCHOOLS,NEIGHBOURHOODS AND NATIONS.The pimps and the street drug dealers are selling drugs because of the big drug dealers that bring in the supplies.Do these big drug dealers have a conscious at all?
    My heart is with people like Marcel and maybe after all like the faith his friend put in me,i can help them after all.It will not be enough to only to help the victims of drug abuse but to also address the issue of rampant drug availabilty.If you are into taking drugs and you know you want to stop but you find it hard to stop,please go through this drug abuse fighting method
    Societies are being torn to pieces,lives are lost but do drug dealers have a conscious?

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